CMO Scientific partnerships with Chinese Institutions


Updated March 2016

Communication University of China (CUC) in 2006 Università della Svizzera Italiana and CUC signed an agreement aimed to a mutual support in terms of research and regular exchanges of students, professors and researchers. The agreement was inserted in the Swiss Confederation strategies in the academic filed.


  • Since 2009 Prof. Luo Qing (CUC) holds a bachelor seminar course at USI titled Mass communication and media structure in China;
  • Since 2011 the Institute of Media and Journalism guarantee 10 candidatures for the most talented CUC students to join the Documentary Summer School organized by USI and Local International Film Festival;
  • Prof. Richeri is the scientific committee and involved in teaching activities at the International League of Higher Education in Media and Communication (MLeague - CUC) in Beijing.
  • Prof. Richeri is doctoral candidates supervisor at Communication University of China;
  • Since October 2014 Prof. Richeri holds a master course of Media Economy at Communication University of China

  Scientific projects

  • Communications in the Olympics
    The Challenge and Opportunity for Beijing 2008 in Intercultural Exchange”

Funded by the Olympic Studies Center (OSC), l‘International Olympic Committee (IOC) e lo State Council Information Office of People’s Republic of China.

  • Partnership between Faculty of Communication Sciences, USI, and Communication University of China
  • Authorized by the Sino Swiss Science Technology Cooperation Program
    Project No. IP22-092010 (15.10.2011 – 01.07.2014)
  • Summer school on media European and International law in cooperation with, CUC, Université de Lausanne. The summer school is a pilot project aimed to launch a master program in the same fields.

Chinese Academy of Social Sciences (CASS), Communication and Journalism Institute. The Chinese Academy of Social Sciences is the most important scientific institution in China in the fields of social sciences.

Since 2013 Prof. Jiang Fei, director of the Communication and Journalism Institute holds a seminar opens to the public at USI. The cooperation lead to the publication of a special issue on the academic journal Studies in Communication Sciences.    


  • 2012 Prof. Richeri hold a series of lectures at the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences, Beijing
  • 2013 Communication and Culture: The China Case (series of four lectures hold by Prof. Jiang Fei at USI)
  • 2014 Understanding the Cultural Landscape of China (series of three lectures hold by Prof. Jiang Fei at USI)

Scientific projects

In December 2015 CMO and CASS organized an international workshop titled Remapping or Remapped. The goal of the workshop was to explore and discuss the political economy and the intercultural an transnational narratives of Chinese media form a global perspective.


Richeri G., Zhang Z., Jiang Fei (Chinese Academy of Social Sciences). (2014) The latest Look at media studies in China (Special issue in collaborazione con la Chinese Academy of Social Sciences). Studies in Communication Sciences, 13/issue 2:106-138

The special issue include articles provided by scholars form the most important Chinese universities and academic institutions such as Tsinghua, Wuhan and China International Publishing Group.

Peking University, School of Journalism and Communication. In summer 2014 CMO, the School of Journalism and Communication and the European University Center co-organized the first edition of EU-China dialogue in Media and Communication Studies Summer School. The project is addressed to young and talented western and Chinese researchers. The successful experience of the former two editions of the summer school is confirmed by a series of students’ researches presented during the summer school published in academic journals. The former two editions of the summer school took place at the Peking University campus, the 2016 edition should take place at USI in Lugano.     

In October 2013 Prof. Xu Jing hold a seminar at USI titled The State of public opinion in China.

Tsinghua University. The dean of the faculty of communication sciences of Tsinghua University and Prof. Jin Jiabin is professor at the EU-China dialogue in Media and Communication Studies Summer School. Last October Prof. Balbi together with Prof. Jin submitted a research project at the Swiss National Science Foundation titled The Global Construction of the Chinese Internet, 1994-2014.  

CMO established also several partnerships with other academic European and American centers that focus their studies on contemporary China:

  • Ca’ Foscari University Organization of seminars;
  • Conteporary Asia Reserarch Center (CARC) – University of Milan;
  • Turin World Affair Institute – CMO covers the media section of its bimonthly academic publication. CMO researchers are often invited to the university of Turin to hold lectures on Chinese media;
  • Confucius Institute at Milan. CMO scholars are invited by the Institute to hold lectures on Chinese media;
  • USI master in intercultural communication. CMO scholars and researchers are often involved in the teaching activities of the master.